Falling Together

Check out this great video by Anjeanette Stairs feat. Leslie Knauer

Hello my friends. Behold my LIVE playing bands!


<~~~~~Precious Metal

Performing with Precious Metal  and Sunset Junction Band... There's something very special about all the people in these bands. I find the kindness extraordinary. The generosity of everyone playing together, old members and new! Rehearsals, dinner and drinks after are heartwarming!

Sunset Junction Band in Silver Lake. Photo by Sarah Griffin

Sunset Junction Band~~~~~>

​​A Rollicking Thumpstorm of Ticklish Tunes!  

SJB is: Leslie Knauer, Al TeMan, Dave Alvarado and sometimes Howard TeMan! 

My Earlier Lfe

Promises in Berlin and photo taken by Jim Rakete.


Not playing live but...Now!! Baby It's You is featured in New Zealand's Speight's Beer advert.  

How cool is this!! 

I love my brothers Benny and Jed sooooo much! I'm so lucky to have grown up with them. They taught me a lot!! Musically and peopley! 

Mary, Leslie and Tony back there on the drums!


Kanary - Power Trio - was an artistic gift given to me by Mary Kay - bassist and Tony Matteucci - drummer. They let me be me and I let them be them. We made 4 cd's. Traveled the country indie style in our RV, Harvey. 12 years

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